The Thread that Unites Generations: Enhancing the participation of elderly people in social life



EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2014. EAEA hands out the yearly EAEA Grundtvig Award to a successful European learning partnership. This year's theme for the award was "Remembering World War I for the Future – Adult Education promoting Peace and Cohesion in Europe".

The article series spreads good practices by introducing the nominees of EAEA Grundtvig Award 2014.

The Thread that Unites Generations project increased the participation of elderly people in social life by actively involving them. The project competed in the category "Adult education projects that promote peace and conflict resolution".

Wide range of local activities

In the workshops the participants searched for information about the events of 1914 that happened within their district. The results of this creative search included articles published in the local papers and a travelling exhibition of the collected materials and publications. In addition workshop activities included embroidery, knitting, drawing, carving, etc.

The project organised intergenerational meetings and master classes during the international voluntary work camp "Memory", where young people could share their skills with the elderly (working on a computer, using the internet, Skype, etc.). The camp was for students in schools and universities, situated in the countries participating in the project. Educational excursions introduced the region to participants and helped unravel its cultural heritage.

International cooperation

As a third activity was established the international platform "Understand" to include the exchange of target group delegations between the countries that participated in the project. The platform organises charity events to raise money that can be used to support those who belong to the target groups. Another key element of the platform is the establishment of bilateral relations between organisations and its populations.

To facilitate the discovery of new materials and the involvement of elderly people and the local government was established a joint project  The project the press club “Me and the world”reaches out to new participants by building relationships and involving them in the project events.

The thread that unites generations project

Project partners

  • "Territorial centre of social services for population of Byarozadistrict"
  • The Beloozersk sustainable development and ecotourism information centre
  • The Beloozersk students’ ecological centre

Contact the coordinator

Local non-profit foundation "Assistance Centre to Development and Entrepreneurship of Beloozersk Village Council" 


A teacher edition "Mentoring school as additional education for the elderly people”

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