Validation of People with Short Formal Education



Active use of education credit in relation to labor market retention in firing rounds / financial crisis.

Time horizon 3 years.

The company had a desire to maintain its workforce, despite the lack of orders, and if this was not possible, the company would make the combustion threatened employees as strongly as possible in that they had to seek new work.

The exercise was to remove the redundant similarity in the company, through education, so that the group of logistics people were trained on fully skilled level, the project had a time horizon of 3 years.
The last man is set to apprenticeship exam in week 21/2012. So are all the employees who participated in the project trained on fully skilled level.

The company had a desire, as they put it "not to participate in the Financial Crisis"

One of the learning points has been how the industry actively using credit, can start education after a clarification process, so that they can respond to crises and actively return period where there was imminent danger of redundancies, into something positive for both the company and employee, the employee retains his job and the company has improved its education, from unskilled to skilled.

For the long term, to deal with similar situations, the project template into service, and turn problematic times, into something positive, and used as a welcome opportunity to upgrade the industry / labor.

Training Consultant Flemming Falkedal                                      
Technical Education Center, Copenhagen