Validation of transversal skills across Europe – TRANSVAL-EU Kick-off webinar

Validation of non-formal and informal learning. Transversal competences: what, why and how?

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Kick Off Webinar

September 16, 2021; 13.00-14.30 CET
14.00 in Finland; 11.00 in Island

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NVL invites the key validation and guidance stakeholders from 5 Nordic countries and 3 autonomous areas Faroe Islands, Greenland and Aaland Islands:

  • Nordic validation network and national validation networks;
  • Nordic guidance network;
  • Validation and guidance practitioners from the Nordic region;
  • Validation and guidance and policy makers from the Nordic region;
  • Social partners and persons responsible for competence development in enterprises;
  • Organisations providing education and further training to validation and guidance professionals

Download the event programme here (pdf)


The webinar will introduce the TRANSVAL-EU project and invites the participant to discuss the expected results with special focus on relevance for our region. The event will provide European inspiration and expertise about VNFIL. We will also bring forth the voice from Nordic stakeholders and discuss the needs for the validation of transversal skills, as well as possibilities and challenges.


European inspiration

Maurice De Greef
Prof. Dr. Maurice de Greef. Photo by Niels Cornelis Meijer

Prof. Dr. Maurice de Greef, UNESCO Chair on Adult Education at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Vrije University will conduct a survey and consultation round in the TRANSVAL-EU project in order to realise a cross-country mapping concerning potential innovative methods for validation and guidance of transversal skills. Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Research Unit BILD (Brussels Research Centre on Innovation in Learning and Diversity) has multidisciplinary expertise on personalized and self-regulated learning; teachers’ professional development; adult education; informal and non-formal education in order to extend knowledge on change processes in education. Research of Dr. Maurice De Greef focuses on validation of non-formal and informal learning in The Netherlands.

Tormod Skjerve
Tormod Skjerve

Nordic inspiration

Tormod Skjerve, Norway, former member of a Nordic network “Competences from a work life perspective”

Listen to a podcast interview with Tormod Skjerve here.

Tormod Skjerve has worked as a senior policy adviser in Virke, the Federation of Norwegian Enterprise and been responsible for a Norwegian joint project “A Balancing Act” aimed at developing a model for the description and detection of competencies of employees within the retail and merchandising trade, developed by the individual in working life. The objective of this project has been to describe skills acquired in the workplace, so that they can be understood in the wider context of working life as well as in the formal education system.

Transversal competences are learned and proven abilities, which are seen as necessary or valuable for effective action in virtually any kind of work, learning or life activity. They are “transversal” because they are not exclusively related to any particular context (job, academic discipline, civic engagement, occupational sector, etc.). More information here (pdf).


The TRANSVAL-EU project addresses the complex issue of validation of transversal skills. On one hand, employers place an increasing importance on transversal skills. On the other hand, transversal skills are only an implicit part of the existing validation and guidance processes. The project will build capacity of practitioners and counsellors, as well as, when relevant, of other stakeholders on innovative VNFIL and transversal competences; and strengthen cross-sector cooperation between practitioners, policy-makers and other stakeholders in order to build coherent VNFIL systems and effective processes.

NVL networks dealing with validation and guidance will take part in the project, both providing learning examples from the Nordic region, as well as evaluating and adapting the policy experimentation results.

Further information: Antra Carlsen, NVL Head-coordinator,

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