When experience opens doors to certification


vae-toulouseIt was a real celebration with music and performances. Hundreds of adults with diplomas crossed the Le Phare stage at Tournefeuille, in the outskirts of Toulouse, confirming that it was well worth the effort they had made to terminate the RVA - Recognition, Validation and Accreditation of Non-formal and Informal Learning  process. Recognition and validation of skills in France is on the right track.

About 800 adults from the Midi- Pyrenees region attended the public ceremony in the South of France on 19th May of this year to celebrate the Victories of the RVA. Similar sessions took place in the past in different emblematic places of the city sung by Claude Nougaro. But never communication and institutional pomp and circumstance of 2014. It included testimonies, round tables, debates, interviews, popular music, jazz and an enthusiastic mingling of adults with diplomas, teachers, guidance technicians, multidisciplinary experts, elected leaders from the Region, scholars and heads of local institutions.