- 17/03/2021




Online and Blended learning for professionals/adult learners

Online international conference about digital learning and adult learning processes.

Online and Blended learning for professionals/adult learners

Online and Blended learning for professionals/adult learners

Covid 19 has been a challenging condition for all professionals within adult learning and competence development during 2020. Many new pedagogical and didactical questions very suddenly became present in daily work.

For many it has been a vertical learning curve. Still there is a need for deeper knowledge and insight into the meaning, the opportunities and limitations of online education and collaboration for adult learning and adult learners.

Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL) and the Danish Adult Education Forum invite you to an international conference and discussion on key pedagogical and didactic questions related to digital learning adult learning processes. We would like to pool the Nordic insights and the expertise from the rest of Europe.

Slides and video from the webinar

Professor Diana Laurillard, UCL Knowledge Lab, UK

Online and Blended learning courses of high pedagogical quality for professionals/adult learners

Professor Gilly Salmon, CEO & Principal Consultant at Education Alchemists Ltd.

Now and next: Adult education and training in a post-pandemic world. How we can grasp the disruption and turn it into a sustainable and valuable way forward.

Antra Carlsen, NVL Head coordination.

NVL and the Nordic Action Plan 2021-2024.

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