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Webinar on NVL Digital – inclusion’s 5 policy recommendations for digital inclusion and the new NVL Digital Toolkit

Join a webinar discussing the latest work of the network NVL Digital – inclusion.

5 Policy recommendations for digital inclusion

Webinar on NVL Digital – inclusion’s 5 policy recommendations for digital inclusion and the new NVL Digital Toolkit

About the webinar

The webinar will begin with a brief presentation of NVL’s Network: NVL Digital – inclusion then the research project on Hard-to-reach citizens with its five recommendations and the toolkit developed based on these recommendations will be presented. Both the recommendations and the toolkit are translated into all Nordic languages. The audience will be informed about this Nordic work and there will be discussions about the interoperability, and transferability based on the experiences and references of the audience.


Date: 6th of March 2024

Time: 11.00-12.00 – (Danish/Swedish/Norwegian time)

Language: English

Registration deadline: Registration is closed – A Zoom-link will be sent out to all registered participants.

Contact persons: Johanni Larjanko (johanni.larjanko@bildningsalliansen.fi), Ebba Ossiannilsson (ebba.ossiannilsson@gmail.com)


The webinar is a part of Open Education Week 2024

Open Education Week 2024 is an annual global initiative that takes place from March 4 to 8. It aims to raise awareness about the advantages that the implementation of both open educational practices and open educational resources brings to society

More about the network 

NVL Digital – inclusion works to bridge the digital divide and improve adults’ understanding of digital participation. By supporting working solutions in adult education and making recommendations to decision-makers, the network helps to ensure that the adult population in the Nordic countries has better opportunities to use digital community services, participate in lifelong learning, become active and critical citizens and users of technology, and be better able to cope with increasingly digital working life.

The network is working to enable more adults to participate in the digital society. The network’s 5 recommendations have been translated into all Nordic languages as well as English. They will be disseminated and used as a basis for national discussions on digital participation. The network’s new toolkit, which has been translated into all Nordic languages and English, will be launched later this year 2024. This toolkit is based on the results of the research project and has been developed by two researchers. It is designed to help those providing digital support to discuss obstacles and barriers to digital participation with end users.

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