Educating organization´s low carbon specialists in Sykli


Kategori: other

dato: 11/15/2021

In Spring 2021 new type of education was launched in Sykli focusing on decarbonisation possibilities in the organizations. In practice, education is newly formed specialist vocational qualification which was now established with new kind of approach and limitations. Reformulated education is still, in principle, focusing on resource efficiency of the organizations but now the focus is on low carbon related content. In practice, topics handle content like carbon footprint, energy efficiency, material efficiency, procurement, calculations, emission reductions paths, communication, development project management etc.

Calculation procedures are based on Greenhouse Gas Protocol. In the education, group of experts outside of Sykli are also used in teaching activities. Students are adult learners frow working life and carry out their studies ideally as a part of their working curricula. Education is developed in Sykli since no international examples were found. Content is heavily based on low carbon roadmaps created and published by the Finnish Industry association in summer 2020 as a part of the Finnish national carbon neutrality target by 2035.