Les 2 / Lue! Tools for literacy (Tetra)


Program 5 - torsdag

The LES application family (including LES, LES2 and LES PLUS and their Finnish language version LUE) helps students to learn the grapheme-phoneme correspondence. LES+ also enables the users to add their own words to the application.


 Ingeborg Krogsgaard is a special educator at the Arendal Adult Learning Center in Norway. She has been teaching adults, who have been working on their literacy. In the Arendal Adult Learning Center iPads have been used successfully with immigrant students and students with speacial needs. Ingeborg herself has developed three iPad applications for literacy teaching.



reka 2.JPG

 Réka Aarnos is a Finnish as a Second Language teacher from Helsinki, Finland. She teaches Finnish language and digital skills at the Basic Education for Adults department of Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region.  Réka has been developing various methods of integrating digital skills training into Finnish langauage teaching. 
Ingeborg and Réka met in 2016 in Norway. They met in an Erasmus+ programme called IDEAL – Integrating Digital Education in Adult Literacy.