The Flying Carpet - Intercultural Encounter


Workshop 1


This Icelandic/Danish project is a creative and practical tool to promote mutual respect and understanding between participants of all ages through different means of expressions. Each and everyone‘s personal story and culture is point of departure for the encounter. The emphasis is to not only work with aspects of national culture or backgrounds, but also individual interests and those things that matter the most in each and every person’s life.

At the workshop an introduction to the project will be given as well as a practical involvement of the participants. 

The Flying Carpet is a project where everyone involved should be received with acknowledgement. The cultural interaction, that takes place at the intercultural encounter, should encourage the view that diverse cultures and ways of living life make us richer, rather than seeing it as a cause for conflict. Participants get an opportunity to introduce their cultures in an open and dynamic perspective and their strengths and interests in a fun and lively way. 

What makes you flourish? 

At the encounter the physical frames are a bit like a „market“ and participants have their own table/space where they mediate to others whatever makes them proud, what they are good at, their favourite things, places, people and other things they wish to communicate to others about themselves and their strengths. 

The slogan of the project is:

When an individual gets to flourish it’s more likley that society or the group flourishes as well.

We would kindly ask everybody attending the workshop to bring 1-3 personal things or something that is important for you (photos, favourite books, music, film etc.).