Citizens of the future


Workshop 2


In this workshop we will explore the concept of citizenship and, in particular, what citizenship might look like in the future. We will examine how citizenship has been portrayed in science fiction literature, movies, and television series to assess some of the challenges to our present understanding of the concept and how it might evolve over the next few decades. Finally, we will try to determine the essential aspects of citizenship in the future and consider how our educational institutions can begin to prepare us to be active and effective citizens of the future. The workshop will include group discussions, role-playing activities, and elements of design-thinking to facilitate and promote creative forward-looking ways of addressing challenges in the present.

Participants are strongly encouraged to be prepared to share examples of portrayals of future citizenship that they have, or will, come across before the start of the workshop.


Some questions that participants in the workshop will address:

  1. What are the essential elements of citizenship in the future?
  2. Who/what is eligible for citizenship in the future?
  3. If we start altering our bodies/biology, at what point would we no longer be considered a citizen?
  4. Of what are we citizens in the future?

And the key question: What do we need to learn to prepare ourselves to be citizens of the future?