Application criteria  

The aim is that the students will receive both practical and theoretical knowledge. Each participant will work with a practical project at an organization, for example its employee.  The project should be approved by top management of the organization it will be conducted at, and go in line with the quality goal for education for sustainable development of the organization. Each participant will also work within a network in his/her country, in which the experience from the course will be presented, discussed and/or tested. The chosen participants, its employee and VOFO will sign a contract that will include the project and the network.​
Send your application to: Ellen Stavlund
E-mail: ellen.stavlund(at)
Postal address: Voksenopplæringsforbundet, Pb 9339 Grønland, 0135 Oslo, Norge
The application should include 1) a motivation letter, 2) a description of the planned project that the applicant plans to do during the course and 3) the planned national network, as described below.
Participants will be chosen on base of the applications. Each of the three parts, mentioned above, will be evaluated on a scale from 1 to 3. The applicants will receive a decision as soon as possible or within the 20th of January.  Each chosen applicant must confirm acceptance.
Motivation letter
1. Personal data and contact information
2. Why are you applying to this education? Motivate as well and as thoroughly as possible.
3. What are your expectations of the education?
4. Work experience, other competences and interests that you think is important and that supports your application.
Planned Project
  1. Organization that the project will be conducted at
  2. Description of the project
  3. What are the organization’s expectations of the project?
  4. Competencies that you are looking for from this course, that supports your project
National Network
  • Name and/or organization
  • Name and/or organization
  • Name and/or organization
  • Name and/or organization
  • Name and/or organization

Sessions - samlinger

Kursen är indelad i fyra närstudiepass på 48 timmar under tre dagar från lunch till lunch, varemellan deltagarna arbetar med praktiska projekt för hållbar utveckling för sin egen eller annans organisation. Under närstudiepassen presenteras olika lokala hållbara pedagogiska och praktiska lösningar och exempel på samarbete med olika aktörer och organisationer.

Första närstudiepasset är i Oslo, Norge - 14. mars - 16. mars 2016
Andra närstudiepasset är på Samsø i Danmark - 13. juni - 16. juni 2016
Tredje närstudiepasset är på Island - 14. september - 15. september 2016 - det må påregnes to reisedager (13. og 16). 
Fjärde och sista närstudiepasset är i Helsingforstrakten den 21. november - 23. november 2016