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How can validation empower? Interview with Deb Carr

How can validation empower adults in their lifelong learning and earning journey?

Podcast: How can validation empower? Interview with Deb Carr

That question is Deb Carr’s passion. NVL met her at the 4th Biennale in Reykjavik, and in this NVL podcast she describes not only the project she is working on currently consolidating lessons learnt to compile UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning’s (UIL) global guidelines on RVA for migrants and refugees. But also, her own journey.

About Deb Carr

Deb Carr is a designer, policy developer, researcher and evaluator of skills recognition systems and programs within the Australian, United Arab Emirates and Thailand’s (T)VET sector.

Deb is currently working in the UAE as the (T)VET Policy Specialist for the UAE Military Qualification Centre towards optimising RPL outcomes to transition retiring members into civilian occupations commensurate of their acquired skills and knowledge acquired during service.

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