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Engaging young people in sustainability and the future of education

NVL has published a new publication about results from Clever Competence, workshop for young adults

Clever Competence

Clever Competence

How do you feel that the values in Global Target 4.7, Education for sustainable development and global citizenship, are evident in schoolwork? Are the values, equal rights, human rights, sustainability, peace and diversity evident at school or in professional life?

Those were some of the questions that gathered 60 young adults from all Nordic countries in Iceland in October 2019 for the workshop Clever Competence, organised by Nordic Network of Adult Learning in cooperation with the Icelandic presidency for the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The objective of the workshop was to gather young people aged 18-30 from all the Nordic countries and to listen to their points of view on how they wished to see the education system develop so that they could best make use of their opportunities, ingenuity and drive.

Some of the conclusions of the workshop were:

  • The teaching space needs to be homely but must also provide for distance learning and emphasise working in groups.
  • Studies should be more project oriented and emphasis needs to be given to gender studies and political science and to teaching students to solve problems together.

Find more about Clever Competence and the topic of engaging young adults in sustainability and learning in the publication here:

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