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Learning Labs Handbook

A method for mobilising the innovation ability of managers and employees

Learning Labs Handbook

Learning Labs Handbook

In this handbook, companies can find a method for internal learning and skills development – Learning Labs (LL), which is based and builds on employee experience, knowledge and skills and the current challenges faced by the company.
The purpose is to provide inspiration on how to specifically organise and implement Learning Labs, and what considerations may be relevant in the process. Interested organisations can follow the process and test, further develop and implement the working method as a continuous, practice-oriented model for competence development in the company.

Manufacturing companies are the main target group of this handbook, but the Learning Labs method can be adapted and used in different companies and public organisations.

Learning Labs – a Nordic approach to competence development

Learning Labs’ approach to working as described in this handbook is based on values that are seen as common features in Nordic societies and corporate cultures. Different values form part of an overall ‘value complex’ as the basis of culture.

  • ‘Proximity to power’: meeting each other at eye level across levels of the company
  • ‘Trust’ and equality’: trusting and caring about each other
  • ‘Inclusion’: wanting to have everyone on board
  • ‘Flexibility’: exploring and adapting to the surroundings.

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