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Silent learners – a guide

We explored if online learning activities can be organized so that it would make silent learners feel more comfortable and included.

Silent learners - a guide

Silent learners - a guide

This guide presents the findings and recommendations of a Nordplus project, Lorkers – is lurking working? (2015–2017) carried out by members of the NVL Distans network of the Nordic Network for Adult Education (NVL).

The main objective of the project was to try to understand how adult learners participate in educational activities. Why do some learners never make an active contribution to course activities and can socalled “lurking” (no visible active participation in course activities) be a legitimate form of individual personalized learning? If educational institutions genuinely want to offer individualised learning then surely an individual should have the option to be silent and not participate as actively as teachers might wish?

The report is also available in Finnish.

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