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Name of file Description Country / Language Sector Source Link
Minkompetencemappe/ My Competence Portfolio My Competence Portfolio (minkompetencemappe) is the Danish Ministry of Education´s tool for ‘you if you need an overview and documentation of what you have learned through your education, work and spare time’. DK/dk,en All The Danish Ministry of Education
Competence-based Qualifications Guide (All stages ) This Guide describes the general principles underlying the competence-based qualification system and provides instructions on organising these qualifications. Key terminology related to the competence-based qualification system is listed at the end. In particular, please note that the Vocational Adult Education Act and Decree, available in English for the very first time, are appended to this Guide. FI/en Vocational Education The Finnish National Board of Education
Methods and tools Documentation in higher education DK/dk Higher Education Realkompetence – DK
Documentation, exemptions in HE A short list of different types of documentation, for exemptions in HE NO/en HE Documentation exemtions in HE
Paper to document reflection, example, exemptions in HE A paper assignment to prove competence, in HE NO/no HE Paper to document reflection, example, exemptions in HE
Guidelines and document forms These documents are used for mapping the competence and experience of people who apply for HVE. SE/se HVE The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education
Website with support material Document forms in different languages for mapping experience gained in different occupations SE/se PES The Swedish Public Employment Agency
Brochure and mapping document form A guide to how to understand and perform validation of prior learning within the three different forms of education in swedish adult education SE/se AE The Swedish National Agency for Education
Website with support material Support material for mapping experience and competences and making exemptions in higher education within ”Lärarlyftet” SE/se HE Stockholm University
Mapping of the adult’s competence In this phase it is important to identify the adults’ full competence that may be drawn from any aspect of an applicant’s professional or personal life. NO/no All Retningslinjer for realkompetansevurdering i grunnskoleopplæringen og vidaregående oppl.