Identification Documents

Name of file Description Country / Language Sector Source Link
Identification and documentation Tools for identification and documentation of competences combining job profiles and education possibility. The target group includes low qualified; both employed and unemployed DK/dk Vocational education/ working life VEU-Centre Aalborg/Himmerland
Competence Map for Workplace Instructors This competence map serves as a tool for identifying and developing workplace instructors’ competences. Key competence areas and objectives required in the work of a workplace instructor are described in the map. Workplace instructors can use the map to assess their competences in various situations: when acting as a workplace instructor, prior to workplace instructor training, immediately after the training, as well as a few months after the training’s conclusion, when they have been able to apply the matters learnt in practice. The competence map helps to identify personal strengths and competence development needs and can be used in planning competence development. FI/en Vocational education/working life The Finnish National Board of Education.
Competence Game The competence game is an untraditional way to visualize and consciousness and aware raising competences for the individual DK/dk The Danish Adult Education Association
Guidelines and document forms These documents are used for mapping the competence and experience of people who apply for HVE SE/se HVE The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education
Website with support material Document forms in different languages for mapping experience gained in different occupations SE/se PES The Swedish Public Employment Agency
Brochure and mapping document form A guide to how to understand and perform validation of prior learning within the three different forms of education in swedish adult education SE/se AE The Swedish National Agency for Education
Web site with support material Support material for mapping experience and competences and making exemptions in higher education within “Lärarlyftet” SE/se HE Stockholm University
Guidance and clarification In this phase the supervisor guides the adult so that he/she becomes clear what the purpose of validation of prior learning is, what rights the applicant has and the costs and benefits of validation, compared to further education and training. NO/no All Realkompetansevurdering – UDIR