Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL)

Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL) was established in 2005 by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM). NVL is financed by NCM and administrated by Skills Norway 2009 – 2017, VIA University College 2018 – 2022.

In the Nordic region, a unique co-operation across national borders exists in many different fields. Co-operation in the adult education sector takes place under the auspices of two Nordic Council of Ministers programmes: NVL and the Nordplus Adult Programme.

Nordic Network for Adult Learning:

  • supports Nordic co-operation in a LLL perspective
  • facilitates exchange of experience and innovations
  • supports the development of policy and practice
  • highlights Nordic expertise within priority areas like adult education competence development, validation of prior learning, digital support to learning, workplace learning, etc.
  • is a meeting place for Nordic adult learning and supports networking.

NVL promotes lifelong learning by focusing on cross-sectoral cooperation in the priority areas defined by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The task of the network is to deepen Nordic competence and foster mutual learning. NVL is responsible for creating and leading thematic networks with the goal to gather evidence about as well as compare the situation in different fields of adult education in the Nordic region. NVL strives to involve both education and working life in the dissemination and implementation. Our task is also to broaden the Nordic learning arena and extend the learning effects through cooperation with strategic partners in Europe and the rest of the world.

Newsletter, DialogWeb, and policy briefs

The NVL Newsletter  provides information about education policy in the Nordic countries, new structures, reforms and initiatives, as well as upcoming Nordic courses and conferences. The newsletter is published eleven times per year.

DialogWeb is a thematic online publication. It examines adult learning through articles and interviews from the entire Nordic region and from different sectors involved in adult learning. DialogWeb targets a broad group of readers: teachers, civil servants and decision makers in the field of formal and non-formal adult education, politicians, NGOs, employers and businesses. One of the goals is to create interest in adult learning also outside the sector.

Policy briefs highlight current challenges in the Nordic countries and bring forth possible solutions or point out further needs for the development and cooperation. The aim of the policy briefs is to create a better information and knowledge base for the decision- and policy making in adult learning.

NVL networks

Nordic networks have been set up based on the Nordic priority areas, and their work is related to the competence building and policy forming. NVL’s task is to extend the networks to cover the whole Nordic region and to formulate a clear Nordic profile for the network activities. The networks spread information about their activities through articles and reports as well as by organizing Nordic meeting places.

NVL reports

NVL disseminates information about the experiences and results gained through Nordic co-operation on adult learning, primarily at the Nordic and European levels. All NVL networks participate in information activities and create new knowledge by carrying out surveys, investigations, comparative studies and analyses. The reports from Nordic networks are all free of charge; they are arranged thematically and chronologically.