Nordic network for adult learning

The Nordic network for adult learning (NVL) supports Nordic cooperation in policy development and implementation regarding lifelong learning and competence development. NVL is a collaborative platform for adult education providers and policy makers. NVL builds interdisciplinary networks across all the Nordic countries, focusing on the priorities of the Nordic Council of Ministers. More about NVL here.


Managing and organising activities and solving problems are examples of transversal skills.



The project results provide support to practitioners and counsellors, as well as, other stakeholders and strengthen cross-sector cooperation between practitioners, policy-makers and other stakeholders in order to build coherent VNFIL systems.




This Policy brief highlights the importance of being able to follow up and quantify the validation activities conducted in the Nordic countries, as well as to enable research and impact studies that can provide a basis for political priorities.

5 Policy recommendations for digital inclusion



Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL) presents five recommendations that support the development of adults’ digital competencies.


The conference Making all Skills Visible, 24-25 May



8 min.

More than 100 participants from 19 countries discussed validation policies at the European Making all Skills Visible conference on May 24 and 25 in Stockholm.

Jens Bjørnåvold



11 min.

At the 4th VPL Biennale in Reykjavik in May, Jens Bjørnåvold was honoured. He received the Egg of Life as an award for his lifetime achievement. For many he is the father of validation. He dislikes this term, and refutes it firmly, saying that there were at least a couple of hundred parents at the Biennale, and many others out in the world, who have contributed to the development of validation.

Be Digital to meet the digital divide



14 min.

NVL disseminates the results of the Nord Plus Adults Project. Be Digital-Social Media for 50+ is a two-year Baltic-Nordic project supported by the Nord Plus Adult program. The focus of the project was on strengthening the social media skills necessary for older employees to succeed both at work and in everyday life.




Explore a range of resources provided and developed by NVL and NVL’s thematic networks.

Nordic Quality Compass

The Nordic Quality Compass

The Nordic Quality Compass is a toolbox for assessing validation practices, policies, procedures as well as competences of validation practitioners. This set of tools is for policymakers, developers of validation procedures and practitioners (assessors, counsellors and coordinators) who are working with validation of prior learning.


NVL’s one-pagers are short formats that present key findings from reports, comparative analyses, mappings and recommendations from the field of adult learning in the Nordic region. Our latest one-pagers are on the topics of digital inclusion, career guidance and co-creation.
Policy briefs

Policy briefs

NVL’s policy briefs highlight current challenges in the Nordic countries, bring forth possible solutions or point out further needs for development and cooperation. The aim of the policy briefs is to create a better information and knowledge base for decision- and policy-making in the field of adult learning.