Nordic network for adult learning

The Nordic network for adult learning (NVL) supports Nordic cooperation in policy development and implementation regarding lifelong learning and competence development. NVL is a collaborative platform for adult education providers and policy makers. NVL builds interdisciplinary networks across all the Nordic countries, focusing on the priorities of the Nordic Council of Ministers. More about NVL here.


Making the digital Nordics work



Nordregio recently created a space in Stockholm for policymakers, practitioners, civil society organisations, and academia to discuss digital Inclusion. Participants compared processes of policy implementation in the Nordic and Baltic states. They also learned about the results of a Nordic-Baltic project “Digital Inclusion in Action”.

Amplifying the voice of immigrants and cooperating based on effective solutions



The project Voices of young immigrants – inclusion in education, work and society is based on a wide collaboration of stakeholders, focusing on the perspectives of young immigrants in Iceland.

NVL shares inspiration about education for sustainable living



NVL presented current initiatives on the topic of Sustainable Development in Adult Learning during Nordic Summer University’s Winter Symposium on February 16-18 in Odense, Denmark.




14 min.

PIAAC measures key information processing skills and data from the survey provide unique opportunities to analyse the cognitive skills needed in the labour market and society. Access to PIAAC data, on its own or linked to register data, is possible for research purposes. To facilitate the selection of register variables a handbook is available for the Nordic countries and Estonia....
In order to involve seniors in society through artistic and musical activities, it is necessary to know their creative expression, skills and need to express themselves.



9 min.

While looking for ways to work with seniors so that they could live an active social life, a unifying cultural tradition was found in the three Baltic countries. The social inclusion competence of adult educators was created and tested by the experience of singing and playing music in families.

Wille Bolinder



9 min.

After more than 25 years as a designer in the online advertising industry, Wille Bolinder decided to switch to a completely different profession. Now he drives a truck and transports hazardous waste. Despite a 50% cut to his salary, the choice was ultimately an easy one.




Explore a range of resources provided and developed by NVL and NVL’s thematic networks.

NVL Digital toolkit

NVL Digital Toolkit

Are you working with digital support and guidance? Then NVL’s Digital Toolkit is for you. The purpose of the tool is to facilitate a conversation between citizens who are facing digital challenges and the professionals who meet them on an everyday basis.
Nordic Quality Compass

The Nordic Quality Compass

The Nordic Quality Compass is a toolbox for assessing validation practices, policies, procedures as well as competences of validation practitioners. This set of tools is for policymakers, developers of validation procedures and practitioners (assessors, counsellors and coordinators) who are working with validation of prior learning.
Policy briefs

Policy briefs

NVL’s policy briefs highlight current challenges in the Nordic countries, bring forth possible solutions or point out further needs for development and cooperation. The aim of the policy briefs is to create a better information and knowledge base for decision- and policy-making in the field of adult learning.