NVL Digital Toolkit

Are you working with digital support and guidance? Then NVL’s Digital Toolkit is for you.

The purpose of the tool is to facilitate a conversation between citizens who are facing digital challenges and the professionals who meet them on an everyday basis.

Conversation Tool

The tool aims to identify specific barriers that are preventing citizens from using IT solutions.

The conversation helps the citizen in explaining and understanding what feels challenging in the digital world.

The tool serves as a starting point for further discussions about the type of assistance needed and what the next step is. The conversation tool consists of five different thematic sets of questions and is based on research findings. You can use one, several, or all themes in your work.

Relationship circle

The Relationship Circle is a tool you can use to map out the various relationships and support you, as a citizen, may need when interacting with digital systems and the digital world in general.

The type of relationship and support an individual needs can vary greatly, and time and place also play a role. The tool takes into account that needs can be very different and hopefully shows a way forward in dealing with the digital.

The Relationship Circle can be used as an independent tool or together with the Conversation Tool.

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